Isaac H. Evans Videos

Quick video clips of happenings aboard the Evans


Videos from the Isaac H. Evans

One of our adventurers, Bob Selwyn, posted a short video on of what it's like to be aboard the Isaac H. Evans. View it here

You can also search "Schooner Isaac H. Evans" on for several more videos posted by guests.

These video clips come from the summer of 1998, from a video made aboard the Evans for Sail TV. The easiest way to use them is to save them to your computer and look at them at your leisure.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any problems viewing them.

These AVI files use Indeo 5.0 compression.  Download the free VLC Player to view these .aiv videos. Though they are fairly short, they may take a while to download...

Our Cannon (0.5 MB)
0:04 playtme

Sailing along (1.2 MB)
0:08 playtme

Lobsterbake (0.9 MB)
0:14 playtme

Hoisting Sail (3.5 MB)
0:27 playtme

Underway (2.2 MB)
0:16 playtme